by A.S.Webster

What If

Not all monsters are the stuff of imagination. Most are. Or they are the distortion of stories told, and retold, elaborated on for effect and given weaknesses to make the tellers feel safer.

But what of those monsters that aren't fiction. That are real, but find themselves in a world of radio, television, video. Easily captured on film. Leaving a digital trail that can be tracked by the diligent few.

How would such creatures live in the world?

This is an exploration into a possibility. A place where the monsters carved out a life, found a job, and worked to hold on to some shred of humanity.

The story is told from the point of Agent Callan Zolonski. Battered by events throughout his life, Callan seeks knowledge of the hidden things. The angels that cannot be explained by rational means.

He finds the monsters, or they find him. And his life is never the same.


The Department of Homeland Security has absorbed most of the National Security Agency after one too many public scandals involving domestic surveillance of U.S. citizens. The group that Callan finds and leads is a holdout from the cold war era of the 1970's and 80's. They are assassins, apparently immortal, human in appearance, predatory in nature. When they hunt, blood and fear triggers a berserker state and they will kill every living thing that crosses their path.

To maintain control, they choose a human handler, a companion, bonded to one of them and able to exert control and bring them out of the blood rage. It is an uneasy alliance.

Callan is the forth such companion. He is bonded to Jason and discovers the monster isn't at all what he seems. Centuries old, Jason has still maintained a deep sense of humanity and humor. Ellen is younger and can trace her history back mere decades. As Callan learns more about his charges, his loyalties are tested as he works to keep his human and inhuman team members safe from threats they never imagined.